Our priority is to offer you a hygienic, trusting and comfortable vacation.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its risks, we have added further new regulations to our existing procedures for hygiene and cleaning standards, which we strictly follow in our hotel. These rules are listed as follows;  

    • All facilities were re-planned according to the Safety Distance regulation and all necessary measures were taken.
    • In the general area (lobby, restaurant, pool area, beach, etc.), precautions have been taken to maintain the required Safety Distance of 1,5 meters.
    • The measures and regulations for each facility can be found on the plans that are placed in the Hotel.
    • Hand disinfection stations are provided in all general areas, in the elevators and in the personnel area.
    • Closed Areas for general use are supplied with fresh air at short intervals.
    • The filters in our Air Condition system are cleaned effectively and periodically. Ventilation filters which are no longer effective are exchanged with new ones.  
    • Spraying against pests is repeated in 15-day periods.
    • Guests with symptoms of illness should contact the reception.  
    • While entering the Hotel, the body temperature of each guest is measured with a digital thermometer and registered. Guest with a fever are examined by the hotel health Staff.
    • A face mask is compulsory in all hotel shops. The number of people in the shops is limited depending on the square meter.

    • The personal service buses are disinfected regularly before and after transfer trip. Masks are mandatory for the Staff during the journey.
    • Before our Staff starts working in the hotel, their general health is checked and their fever measured. In the event of high fever or other douptful symptoms, the start of work is prohibited as part of our action plan against Covid-19.
    • All of our employees comply with the personal hygiene regulations and carry out their work with the required safety distance.
    • Our personnel have been trained by Professional companies on the protective measures and regulations for hygiene, food Safety and the current pandemic. The training continues.

    • When our guests arrive, all luggage is thoroughly disinfected by our staff and only then transported to the guest rooms.
    • When entering the Hotel, the body temperature of each guest is measured with a digital thermometer and registered. Guests with a fever are examined by the hotel health staff.
    • Every possible precaution was taken to avoid crowds at the arrival and departure at the reception desk. For possible waiting times, seating with safe sacoial Distance is placed in front of the counter.
    • During the check-in procedure, our guests receive verbal and written information abaout the regulations and measures regarding Covid-19.   
    • The door cards are given to the guest in a protective coverafter a disinfection process.
    • The card readers for payments with EC and credit cards are disinfected before each use.

    • The cleaning staff adheres to the hygiene regulations and workwith a face mask and disposable gloves.
    • Internationally recognized and certified chemicals as well as disinfectants and bleaches are used for room cleaning. After general room cleaning, door blades, taps, telephone receivers, romote control devices, light switches, kettles and minibars are also disinfected. A fresh duster is used for each room.
    • After the check-out of the guest, a thorough roomcleaning is carried out and disinfected with a UVL disinfection machine. The disinfected room is ventilated for at least one hour before it is given to the new guest.  
    • Bed linen, bath and hand towels are washed extensively at over 70 degrees.
    • Bathroom items for everday use are thoroughly disinfeced before being provided.
    • Minibar products are thoroughly disinfected before refilling.

    • In order to maintain the required safety distance, all necessary precautions have been taken in the restaurants and bars.  
    • The food Safety and hygiene regulations are observed in all areas of the kitchen.
    • Desinfection devices are installed in all Restaurant & Bars. There are disinfectant wipes on the dining tables.
    • Salt & pepper are served in one-way packaging at the tables. No cloth napkins are used. The table ‘blanket’ is changed after each guest.
    • The dishes are washed at 60-65 degrees in the dishwasher and rinsed out by 80 – 85 degrees.
    • After the standard cleaning of the Restaurant and Bars, the prescribed disinfection is carried out carefully. Disinfection also applies to tables, chairs, counters and buffets.
    • The ventilation system is used effectively in Restaurants and Bars. Closed Areas are supplied with fresh air.
    • A’ la carte Restaurants serve a limited number of guests due to their physical structure.

    • Our sports and entertainment activities are reduced and the security measures are carried out.
    • Sport equipment is cleaned and disinfected daily.
    • Our indoor disco is not on offer due to its physical structure.
    • The pools are cleaned and disinfected daily according the regulations. Pool water levels are kept under control throughout the day.  
    • The sunchairs at the pool and beach were rearranged according the social Distance requirements.
    • All sunchairs are cleaned and disinfected daily.
    • Due to its physical structure, our indoor pool is not offered.
    • Guests with symptoms off illness are prohibited from using the pools.

    • Children may use the children’s playground under the supervision of an adult.
    • Children’s playground is desinfected daily.

The Hotel reserves the right to make changes as part of the Covid-19 normalization process ot the Ministry of Culture and tourism of the republic of Turkey in accordance with the decisions of the World Health Organization and local authorities.